Day 5 and 6

All the bad areas have pretty much dried up and pimples gone on day 4. Have a new whitehead on my nose but there was a red mark there before I started the regime. Have a new whitehead under my nose. Also one by my cheek. But both if these are pretty small.

Day 6: the whitehead under my nose has dried up and just a red mark left. The one on my nose is pretty dead. Have a new whitehead in my left problem area but once again it’s pretty small. Also two whiteheads close together about an inch above my top lip. Also one embedded in the corner of my nose. which is pretty itchy. I also have a couple of tiny red areas on my forehead. maybe something will pop up there tomorrow. Nothing major.

Tonight I had to let some warm water run on my face because the small, flaking dead skin is getting a bit much. Apart from these new whiteheads popping up my skin looks way clearer. Also the whiteheads seem to be gone within a day, leaving their tiny red mark behind.


Day 4

Today is the first day in about 4 weeks where a pimple hasn’t been there to greet me in the morning, tipping its microscopic top hat towards me with a devilish wink.

My skin is feeling pretty tight. The left problem side looked like there was some talcum powder on it, small flakes of skin.

The flakes seem to be more or less gone a few hours later on my breakfast break in work.

The pimples that remain look that dead yellow. Redness is reduced further. I’m very happy but at the sane time a little pissed off to think I may have caused my own acne over the years. It could have been worse I guess. Since taking Accutane the breakouts haven’t been of major concern. Same with the odd pimple. Now I’m not gonna get my hopes up too soon but this all seems to be more than a coincidence. But let’s see

Day 3

I have seen a definite improvement on yesterday. Redness has dulled dramatically. I’ve removed a few large flakes if skin on my face where pimples have dried up. Two tiny whiteheads and a kind of a iceberg whitehead (90% bellow the surface) appeared by my nose but these were brewing beneath the surface from the outbreak. Looking forward to looking at my ugly mug tomorrow. Hoping to see more improvements!

Day 1

I started this blog because I have recently undertaken the ‘Caveman Regime’ to see if it will silence my acne. Firstly, a little about my good friend acne and I. I started to get acne when I was about 16. I guess on the scale of things it was mild to moderate. I took antibiotics and all sorts of lotions and potions. I even ate raw turnips at one point! Then sometime in my early 20’s after a seriously painful breakout around my neck while on minocycline, the doctor recommended me to a dermatologist. He put me on the dreaded Accutane. For me, it was a breeze. A bit of dry skin around the mouth but clear skin! No suicidal thoughts, no hair loss. Since finishing my course I’ve had the odd breakout, the odd pimple, nothing major. Until this year, my latest breakout is refusing to budge. I think it could have been set off by a switch to a new moisturiser.

For years since my Accutane course, I’ve been cleaning my face with a salicylic acid wash, followed by a glycolic acid wash followed by a benzoyl peroxide gel. I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that I’m causing my own acne with overzealous washing with these harsh chemicals. So I have decided to go caveman….in other words I’m going to stop washing my face!!

Basically, you don’t let water touch your beautiful face for about a month. After a month you exfoliate the dead skin (with a cloth I presume) and from then on use water to wash your mug!

For a lot of people, especially women who wear make up, following this regime is an impossibility. I fear a number of things myself. Firstly, that my presumption is wrong and I’ll get the motherload of all breakouts. Secondly, the flaking dead skin. This has always been a problem for me, particularly after using a beard trimmer. But I’m willing to give this a shot.

Well I got the idea for this blog on Day3 so I have to backtrack a little.

Day 1: so it’s the first day since not cleaning my face yesterday. My problem area is that whole area between the cheekbones and my nose on both sides. I have small whiteheads and red crusted areas from previous ones. Have a sore whitehead on my chin and some crusty/red dead areas by my mouth, but that’s not too noticeable with my stubble. There are some under the skin in my problem area and no doubt I’ll be greeting these new guys in the coming days!