Day 4

Today is the first day in about 4 weeks where a pimple hasn’t been there to greet me in the morning, tipping its microscopic top hat towards me with a devilish wink.

My skin is feeling pretty tight. The left problem side looked like there was some talcum powder on it, small flakes of skin.

The flakes seem to be more or less gone a few hours later on my breakfast break in work.

The pimples that remain look that dead yellow. Redness is reduced further. I’m very happy but at the sane time a little pissed off to think I may have caused my own acne over the years. It could have been worse I guess. Since taking Accutane the breakouts haven’t been of major concern. Same with the odd pimple. Now I’m not gonna get my hopes up too soon but this all seems to be more than a coincidence. But let’s see


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