Day 5 and 6

All the bad areas have pretty much dried up and pimples gone on day 4. Have a new whitehead on my nose but there was a red mark there before I started the regime. Have a new whitehead under my nose. Also one by my cheek. But both if these are pretty small.

Day 6: the whitehead under my nose has dried up and just a red mark left. The one on my nose is pretty dead. Have a new whitehead in my left problem area but once again it’s pretty small. Also two whiteheads close together about an inch above my top lip. Also one embedded in the corner of my nose. which is pretty itchy. I also have a couple of tiny red areas on my forehead. maybe something will pop up there tomorrow. Nothing major.

Tonight I had to let some warm water run on my face because the small, flaking dead skin is getting a bit much. Apart from these new whiteheads popping up my skin looks way clearer. Also the whiteheads seem to be gone within a day, leaving their tiny red mark behind.


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